2020. In a year that stopped the world, we at Cedars Christian College, remained committed to moving forward. And that’s all because of what we believe. In our God. Our students. And how we continued to serve lives entrusted to us, regardless of the challenges we faced together as a community, nation and world.

For as we did then, and continue today, we know that in everything we do, we’re helping prepare the way. And that’s not only academically, but in building a resilient generation who are trained to think differently through character development and faith. Foundational qualities that prepare them for life, so no matter what lies ahead, they are equipped to press on and keep moving forward.

All because they’re steadfast in what they know, and in who they are. And to us, that’ll always be worth celebrating.

Address by Principal Steve Walton

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We respect Aboriginal peoples as the first peoples and custodians of NSW. Cedars Christian College honours our First Nations by fostering a shared sense of belonging for all Australians, and we acknowledge the people united by the Dharawal language, the traditional custodians of the land on which our College stands.