Mr Steve Walton




It was during Steve Walton’s first teaching post in the Central West of NSW that he came to understand the true value of community.

Something as simple as a weekend game of touch footy would bring together everyone in the local area.

‘In a small country town everyone chipped in. We’d all celebrate together and if something went wrong there was a spirit of genuine care,’ says Steve.

Steve has worked hard to foster the sense of community since he joined the team at Cedars as Head of Science in 2006, before becoming Deputy Principal in 2009 and Principal in 2013.

And although leadership responsibilities may have taken him away from the classroom, Steve hasn’t drifted far from his first loves of Geography and Science, and he sees it as his priority to lead an innovative and forward thinking learning community.

‘I get great fulfilment and satisfaction from being an educator first. I see opportunities for learning in every aspect of life.’

A tour of exceptional schools in Europe a few years ago, further opened his eyes to the possibilities of learning.

‘I am always exploring new ways to encourage our students to love learning, God and others.’

He is particularly interested in developing leaders.

‘Leadership is a discipline on its own. If you can learn to do it well, you have the potential to change your world and influence people within it. I certainly believe that most students can learn it.’

Steve has established professional links with the University of Wollongong. After all, he completed all of his tertiary education there. He achieved a Bachelor of Science before working in the environmental and forestry fields, before returning to complete a Graduate Diploma of Education and a Masters in Educational Leadership. He has also recently been appointed to serve as a Member of the NSW/ACT Christian Schools Australia State Council.

In his down time, Steve is a keen fisherman and family man.

‘To relax I enjoy cooking, fishing and being with my wife Renee, son Cooper and daughter Sarah, and wherever possible, like to combine the three.’