Whole School Swimming Carnival (Yr 2 – 12)

Our combined Primary and Secondary Swimming Carnival (Yr 2-12) will be held on Friday 31 January 2020 at the Western Suburbs Swimming Pool.

The carnival is for all Year 2 – Year 12 students. For Primary, students can choose to swim, it is not compulsory if they are not confident. We do have senior students ready to go in the pool to help younger students who may require assistance to complete their race.

Secondary students are encouraged to participate in at least one event on the day.

Parents are requested to take students straight to the pool and are encouraged to stay and support their child in their events.

There will be buses to transport students who need it. These buses will be leaving Cedars at 8:40am. Any student who needs transport will need to meet the teachers at the College bus stop. Students able simply required to turn up on the morning and the teachers will record their name.

These buses will leave the carnival at 2:50pm for those who need to get back to school.
Note: Students not picked up by parents by 2:50pm will be transported back to school by bus.

There will be opportunities for parents to help as timekeepers on the day. Any time spent helping can be counted toward Parent Participation Scheme hours.

We will provide a 25m non-competitive race for less confident swimmers.

Please be aware that the 25m pool will be out of bounds and ball games are not permitted on the grassed areas.