2015 HSC Showcase

Recently, our parents and student community enjoyed a spectacular HSC Showcase evening at our College. Comprising of a variety of project displays, formal presentations and musical performances, the event highlighted the outstanding calibre and exceptional talents of our young men and women from our Year 12 cohort. Many of these items from a variety of disciplines was the culmination of over 30 school weeks of development.

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A large variety of Visual Art displays included paintings, drawings, sculptures and photography that communicated themed concepts based on inspired real life events. An extensive written composition and analysis of family heritage and international journeys was part of a very interesting and detailed Extension 2 English display. Textiles and Design items consisted of creative and decorative combinations, pattern making and fabrics, including the use of intricate weaving methods and apparel. Several Design and Technology projects presented innovative solutions to real world design problems, with the iPad chair a crowd favourite. The variety of student computer skills was also evident in the Multi Media displays, with effective use of technology to develop excellent web sites, instructional videos and music recordings.  Rounding off the displays was a range of timber furniture items, consisting of beautiful native wood species combined with a high level of joinery detail and quality. On the night parents, family and friends had the opportunity to mingle and walk around each project display, taking the opportunity to talk with each designer and ask questions about their projects.

Between each musical performance, representative students from each practical subject formally addressed the audience, delivering a professional speech outlining their experiences during the development of their projects. Research and designing was discussed with key challenges and problem solving experiences explained. Each student shared the source of inspiration in their choice of project and imparted their thoughts to the younger students in the audience, encouraging their future aspirations in these fields of endeavour.

The evening was complemented by the catering services of our Year 11 Hospitality team, who prepared a wonderful supper and range of beverages, served by our Year 11 leadership team.

A series of walkthroughs was conducted in the days following, providing both students and teachers in the primary years, through to senior students, an opportunity to view the projects up close and ask key questions about each design.  Links to key learning areas were also discussed, particularly the importance of literacy and numeracy skills many of the Year 12 students required for the development of their accompanying written folios for each design.

All students can be very proud of their efforts and contributions, and the hard work and support of their teachers is very much appreciated. We are thankful for the many gifts and talents that God has placed amongst our students and we recognise and celebrate each of these results.   We look forward to the wonderful displays and performances next year.

Mr Neil Taylor – Technical and Applied Studies Coordinator