2018 Modern History HSC Study Day

In the dark and early hours of a Thursday morning recently a small cluster of Year 12 History students huddled around one another on Platform number 2, Unanderra Station. Warmed by thoughts of historical learning, coffee, chocolate croissants and communist propaganda the students encouraged their bleary eyes for the excitement to come. An epic journey – as all journeys on the South Coast Line seem to feel, to Sydney University awaited, steeped in tradition and hipster jeans, the students were to get an experience of University life and study.

Some students passed the time with discussions of Albert Speer and his absurdity as โ€˜The good Naziโ€™ others, not confined to the limitations of the train carriage, were disrupting their minds with the latest dance and techno offerings on Spotify.

In arguable the most prestigious Law School in NSW, the students took the HSC to task, taking the opportunity to develop their ability to respond to questions with sophistication and poise. Students were challenged to think of the role of the elites in the collapse of the Weimar Republic and the devastating impacts of the Nazi slave labour programs. All before lunch.

The students heard lectures from HSC examination markers, textbook writers, and experts in the topics studied this year. Cedars was well represented with the students dedicating themselves like Roman road builders to the task of absorbing the material. All came away from the day having a greater level of confidence in their own knowledge and preparation for their upcoming Trial Examinations.