29 Records Broken at Athletics Carnival

Although it was a little chilly, our Athletics Carnival went off without a hitch and students, parents and teachers all had a great time cheering on our athletes from Year 2 – Year 12.   Plus, close to 30 records were broken on the day including 23 in Secondary and 6 in Primary!


Runners across all sub schools ran with passion, while others were throwing javelins, shot puts and discus, and jumpers reaching new heights and lengths in the long jump and high jumps.

We can’t forget the House pride that was shown throughout the day as many participants came wearing their House colours.

Our Athletics Carnivals are about more than just competing, they’re about community, friendships, teamwork, leaders encouraging our younger students, developing resilience and so much more.

Congratulations to all of our outstanding athletes for participating, for doing your best and encouraging your fellow students.


Age Champions – Primary

12yr Boy Angus Wilson
12yr Girl Soraya Amone
11yr Boy Marku Boshoff
11yr Girl Zara Amone
10yr Boy Ethan Dzeparoski
10yr Girl Sophie Barrit
9yr Boy Spencer Garde
9yr Girl Leila Noferi
8yr Boy Thomas Baltyn
8yr Girl Ezabelah Miller-McIntyre

Age Champions – Secondary

12yr Boy Ari Rawlings
12yr Girl Jordan Fullard
13yr Boy Denzel Amone
13yr Girl Amaya Kearns
14yr Boy Hudson Beddow
14yr Girl Emma-Rose Schodde-McPaul
15yr Boy Josiah Clifford
15yr Girl Charlotte Thompson
16yr Boy Jacob Stewart
16yr Girl Emily Strecker
17yr Boy Jonty Clifford
17yr Girl Scarlett Jones
18yr Boy Jared Eyb
18yr Girl Mackenzie Stewart

The Primary House Winner was Johnson and Secondary House Winner was Deakin!