4 Maroon Explore Plants

In Science this Term, 4 Maroon’s knowledge on the topic: ‘Plants in Action’ has begun to grow.

Investigating Plants

Students have been collecting, observing and discussing different parts of plants. They will be conducting an experiment by growing their own plants, monitoring them, recording their observations and drawing conclusions based on their results. Students will be dissecting, analysing and recording their observations about seeds and flowers.  4 Maroon will also be discovering the connection between seeds, flowers and fruit.

4m (2)

Using and Creating Informative Texts

Apart from Science lesson activities, we will be learning about this topic through the use of various visual and written texts as well as songs and video clips.  Students will be creating annotated diagrams of plant life cycles and dissected parts of plants.  They will be writing information reports, creating PowerPoint presentations and delivering speeches on the topic.

Science Brought Alive through Drama

Our 4 Maroon students have also connected and displayed their knowledge of the life stages of a plant through drama, by acting each of them out using their bodies.

Mrs Tania Woznicki

4 Maroon Teacher