40 Years – 40 Ways to Give

What better way to celebrate our 40th year than to give?   

For 40 years Cedars Christian College has been preparing the way for our students to lead significant lives. We are passionate about leading students forward not only academically but developing lives that make a positive impact on the world around them.  To not just exist for themselves but we invite them to live for a cause much greater than themselves.

We have been preparing them for this from their very first day of Prep, right through to their Year 12 Graduation.  Not just in teaching Christian ideas that help their faith to grow but creating opportunities for them to live out that faith.

We have taught our students to give. To give their best, to give their time, to give their efforts to help others and to lead those around them to do the same.

So what better way to celebrate our 40th year than to give?

Give to our community, to those who have supported and encouraged us over the years, to our neighbours, and to important causes in our world that need help.

Our theme for our 40th year is, “40 Ways to Give.” Throughout the rest of the year each class, faculty, and staff member will plan creative, innovative, meaningful ways to give.

Our goal is to find ways we can offer help to our local community and beyond. Our hope is to reach the amount of $40,000 whether that be financially or in kind.

Our College Captains and Principal, Mr Steve Walton, recently met with our local MP the Hon Paul Scully to ask him about the needs in our local community and how we can best make a difference to those in need.

“Mr Scully was very pleased and a bit surprised by our request, said Mr Walton.”  “He was delighted to share some local causes that need financial help.”

These areas Mr Scully highlighted, which as a school community we will be giving towards along with a number of other worthy causes include the Wollongong Homeless Hub, Warrawong Community Centre, Berkeley Neighbourhood Centre, international students, especially those from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, who are stuck here unable to travel home.

On Friday 27 May  we officially launched our ‘40 Years – 40 Ways to Give’  by supporting the Cancer Council through holding a ‘Biggest Morning Tea’.  Our Executive kicked off the year of giving by holding this event and raising over $1,000 for this worthy cause.  “One of our teachers has been fighting this disease and we want to support her and others who have been afflicted with this disease” continued Mr Walton.

The very next day we held ‘Cedars Biggest Sleepout’ and Social Justice Day to raise much needed funds for the Salvation Army Appeal for Compassion and  also towards supporting the needy from a slum in Bangladesh.

This year each year group and faculty, even our Board will plan for and implement a way, either by raising funds or giving in kind to support those in need.

We have 40 years to be grateful for and to celebrate.  Not by saying ‘Look at us and how good we are,’ but instead by asking the question, ‘How can we give back’?

40 years and 40 ways to give.

We are celebrating this significant year as a school community – by giving.