$4000 raised for the Red Shield Appeal

Our College community has gone above and beyond our goal of raising $2000 for the Red Shield Appeal and instead have raised $4000 in support of the homeless and vulnerable in our local community.  “We are ecstatic about this result and incredibly proud of our students and families who rallied and supported this cause,” said Principal Steve Walton.

The idea started back in 2019 as our College Captains formed a ‘think tank’ and began planning a fundraising event to bring awareness about homelessness and to support our local community through the Salvation Army’s Red Shield Appeal.

Cedars Chaplain, Carol Ramsey who has been working with the Captains on this initiative commented, “Homelessness is an issue close to the College Captains’ hearts especially as we consider and pray for those people who are experiencing homelessness and poverty during this pandemic.

At the time their ideas revolved around a ‘live’ event but the Captains realised towards the end of Term 1 that because of the pandemic they would have to be even more innovative and creatively change it into a virtual event.

The event evolved and became known as the ‘Homelessness Assist Summit.”  It was held last Friday, 22 May and involved all students in Junior School, Middle School and Senior College.  There were several challenges for the students including:

  • Sleepout (in your back yard)
  • Cooking Challenge – using only a few ingredients
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • and more….

“There were numerous challenges to be completed with a prize at the end for those who had shown creativity, eagerness and gained the most points from completion of the activities,” – College Captains.

The highlight of the event was definitely ‘Cedars Biggest Sleepout’ where students (and our Chaplain) either slept outside in their backyard in a tent, or set up a fort in their living rooms.  Each were encouraged to decorate their ‘Sleepout’ area and get sponsorship from friends and family.

“The leadership our Captains exhibited in planning and running this event was outstanding and we are incredibly proud of all of our students who were involved,” said Mr Walton.  “I love the fact that our students are thinking about others.  Even in tough times they are looking beyond themselves and helping to make a difference in the lives of those who are in need.  Our students are showing compassion, one of the wonderful characteristics of a Cedars student.”