A rare find

Year 6 student Isaac recently brought in a rare find – a rock given to him by his Granddad. To all the onlookers in his class, it looked just like a normal white rock.  But he was quick to tell everyone it actually glows!  Head of Science Mr Seymour heard about this rare little rock and quickly came to investigate it, bringing his UV light with him.

The students were amazed as they saw this little white rock glow brightly under the UV light!

“We narrowed it down to being either selenite or fluorite,” said Mr Seymour. “Some minerals have a special property called –’fluorescence’. They can absorb a small amount of UV light and release it again at a different wavelength which shows up as a magnificent glow in a different colour to what the rock normally looks like. The rock in question looks white but within seconds of being under the Science Departments UV light the rock emits a very bright blue colour. What an amazing God!”