Amber’s ‘Young Archie Competition’ Portrait


Year 10 Art student Amber was encouraged by her Art Teacher, Mrs McKenzie to submit a portrait of her younger sister she had carefully been working on to the ‘Young Archie Competition 2020’ in Term 1 this year.

The Art Gallery of New South Wales invited budding young artists  to submit a portrait of a person who is special to them  – “someone who is known to you and who knows you and plays a significant role in your life.”

Amber chose her younger sister, Yr 8 student, Madeleine:

“I have chosen to depict my younger sister Madeleine. She is a very colourful person in the way that she’s always passionate in her views and energetic in her sports. I hoped to portray some of this emotion through the colours I have chosen, including her favourite colour yellow. Madeleine has always had a really close relationship with our father. To capture this I have included a bee, resembling both our father’s job as a bee-keeper and also her personality in which she can be cute and small but also sting if she needs.”

The competition was tough and even though Amber didn’t place with her beautiful portrait (this time) she is so glad she participated.  Well done Amber – we are proud of you for entering the competition and will be cheering you on each year you participate!