Australian Mathematics Competition

The sun blazed down on Cedars Christian College as the competitors from Years 7 -11 did their last minute warm ups before taking to the field of the Australian Mathematics Competition. Each athlete entered the arena taking factors into consideration including direction, angle and coordinates of the optimum table to give a competitive advantage. An atmosphere of anticipation and expectation engulfed the once animated classroom as students filled out their names, date of birth and other numerical values. The crowd hushed waiting for the starting signal to commence their long awaited opportunity to demonstrate their mathematical brilliance. With a flick of the pen the competition began, the heat in room increased exponentially as each students’ neural pathways kicked into 100% activity. The air conditioner burst into life ensuring the probability of brain overheat was reduced to between unlikely and impossible to occur. In what seemed only a 1 m/s divided by 1m it was over, students left exhausted yet exhilarated by the challenge they had faced and conquered.