Author Kirli ignites students’ imagination

Author Kirli Saunders, author, poet, teacher extraordinaire ignited the imagination of students in Years 5 and 6 when she came for a visit to talk about what it’s like being a writer, the creative process involved with writing and answered the questions of some budding authors.

Some of Kirli’s inspiration:

“I really encourage you to be bold, reach out to your heroes”

(This is what she did- she wrote directly to Shaun Tan and Matt Ottley to ask if they would illustrate her book.) 

“We start with a base, then we refine, refine, refine and refine. That’s the process for mastery.” (in regard to writing and other pursuits)

“Rejection is part of the mastery process” [need to persevere]

Kirli is a proud Gunai woman with ties to the Yuin, Gundungurra, Gadigal and Biripi people. She is the Manager of Poetic Learning and Aboriginal Cultural Liaison at Red Room Poetry. She was awarded ‘Worker of the Year 2017’ at the NAIDOC awards in the Illawarra/ Shoalhaven region and has been nominated for a National NAIDOC award in 2018.

Before Kirli launched into her presentations to Year 5 and 6 students, Mrs Pupovac our Teacher Librarian organised for Kirli to spend half an hour chatting with and answering some great questions from our Book Club members.

The students were enthralled by Kirli’s interactive fun and entertaining presentation and there may be more than a few of our Middle School students who have been inspired to become authors.

Chase Andrews

The author visit was very nice because she gave us a history of her family and about the Aboriginal countries. I think her book was very heartwarming and creative. I loved the book!

Kiarra Bugg

Having an author visit was very interesting. Kirli Saunders told us about her past, how she surfs, is part Aboriginal and most importantly, what her book ‘The Incredible Freedom Machines’ was about. It was based on her favourite thing in the world that she called her freedom machine, her motorbike. Kirli told us her history with motorbikes and how she got the idea to write the Incredible Freedom Machine. Then she read her book to us. When she did, it really did feel like she wrote it. It was so easy for her, like, she knew the text back to front.

Olivia Sheridan

I really enjoyed Kirli Saunders visit. I found it really interesting and enjoyable as she talked about her process while writing her books. 

Josiah Clifford

I enjoyed Kirli Saunders sharing with us as it showed us the journey that it takes to be an author. It was good to hear Kirli read her book to us and to see the meaning behind the words. It was a great experience.

Zara Kukuruzovic

I think that the book was a very imaginative book and the pictures were amazing too.

 Our very excited Librarians with Kirli who signed a copy of her book – “The Incredible Freedom Machines” Kirli Saunders Matt Ottley