Back to ‘hands on’ learning – Yr 5 Puppeteers

Year 5 students are embracing ‘hands on’ learning again!   In Drama Class they had the fun opportunity to take ‘hands on’ learning to a new level – by becoming amateur puppeteers.

The excited Middle School students used their creativity to make puppets using  paper bags and toilet rolls.  They then lovingly named their puppets with names such as ‘Mr Moustache’, “Cookie Monster Jnr”, “Pepper the Penguin” or “Archie” just to name a few.  After the puppets were created and named students used their new props to deliver a monologue to the rest of the class.  The students loved making these little creatures which did all the talking for them!

Drama encourages students to think and act creatively.  It builds confidence, helps develop language and communication skills and among many other things helps students to better understand the world around them.