‘Beach Day!’

There may not have been the sound of the surf or seagulls squawking, but there was a sand modelling competition, a real fisherman, surfboards and a lot of fun while Year 2 had their own in school ‘Beach Day’ this week.

Students participated in various activities as a part of their English unit based on the book “Chip” by Kylie Howarth. To begin the day, students were delighted and privileged to have ‘Fisherman Walton’ (also know as Principal, Mr Walton) join the class to share sea-side stories and introduce their text, all whilst sporting his best beach-wear.

Year 2 then participated in a STEM project, researching Seagulls on their Chrome Books and independently creating a seagull inspired and decorated paper aeroplane.  They then had the fun of testing them to see which would glide the longest distance.


The afternoon was filled with fun, as they held the seagull gliding competition, a sand modelling competition and then concluding with a surf! 

This was a day of fun, growth and creativity! A great day at the “beach”.