Big wins for Cedars at the largest Science fair in the nation

Cedars continues to STEM ahead, this time taking out big wins at last week’s largest Science fair in the nation – the annual UOW Science Fair.

Our team of 15 students was selected to compete in the annual Science Fair which has been designed to promote and support innovative young people who have a passion for problem solving and critical thinking.

This year was the largest to date, with over 950 students presenting projects. The Cedars’ team was vying for 12 major prizes in their specific stages.

“Even though the level of competition from the other 80 schools was high we performed outstandingly well, with one third of all prizes possible in their categories going to Cedars students and almost 50% of the team receiving either prizes or university medals (highly commended). Congratulations to all participants for their enthusiasm and scientific rigour,” said Head of Science Mr Seymour.

We especially congratulate:

  • Lauren L – 1st Place prize (Stage 4)
  • Nathaniel Brisbane – 3rd place prize (Stage 4)
  • Euan Christopher – 2nd place prize (Stage 3)
  • Jasmine Sim  – Engineering Award (overall – Stage 3 to 6)
  • Cameron Davidson – University Medal
  • Tiffany Brisbane – University Medal
  • Fiona Seymour – University Medal

Cedars’ Science Department was very keen to be a part of the annual UOW Science Fair as a part of the College’s strategic plan to promote STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics).

As a part of the Science curriculum, students were required to undertake a research project on a topic of their choice. This involved designing a controlled experiment to their hypotheses, conducting the procedure to obtain reliable results and presenting their findings in an engaging and creative manner.  The research topics presented by the students stretched across all scientific disciplines including Anatomy, Chemistry, Physics and Engineering.

Head of Science, Mr Steve Seymour, who is very proud of each of our students said,  “Our students presented logically and with maturity well beyond their years.”  No doubt the judges were very impressed with the calibre of our students.