Biology Excursion to Sydney Children’s Hospital

Year 12 Biology Students Visit Sydney Children’s Hospital and Museum of Disease

by Mrs Kellyanne Guest, Director Of Secondary Administration/Science Coordinator

On Thursday 3 September,  Cedars’ Year 12 Biology students visited Sydney Children’s Hospital at Randwick for a series of HSC workshop lectures and some practical sessions in order to broaden their knowledge and understanding of the course content.

Students were able to appreciate the links between the theory and the practical – seeing their studies applied in real life settings.  They were privileged to be lectured by a doctor, nurse, specialist, an ophthalmologist, an audiologist and a geneticist.  Our students were able to measure their blood pressure, blood gases, use a stethoscope, otoscope and ophthalmoscope.

They also had the opportunity to visit the Museum of Human Disease and conducted a self-guided tour investigating the vast range of specimens on display. Students learnt about the various pathogens which cause infectious diseases and the factors which contribute to non-infectious disease.

The students represented our College with pride, and were grateful for this experience.

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