Biology field study at Mt Keira

Important Science learning regularly happens in non-school settings. Mrs Guest, Director of Secondary and Biology Teacher always embraces occasions to take learning beyond the classroom with students as it enhances their ability to engage with the subject content in a real-life context.  Last week’s field study at Mt Keira was no exception.

“Lessons on field trips are often more memorable and motivate students in regards to their learning. Science off site allows students to extend how they learn by doing.”

Year 11 Biology students travelled to the Mt Keira Escarpment to cover content from the new syllabus Ecosystem Dynamics module.  Students collected firsthand data which they will use as stimulus material for their depth study report.  They examined the distribution and abundance of the plants and animals in rainforest ecosystem. Abiotic components such as temperature and pH were also measured and human impact of the area was discussed. Relationships between organisms were studied and a species list was generated. Different organisms were identified using a key and studied in detail to observe their structural features and adaptations. 

“The rain and cold didn’t dampen students’ moods, they were very engaged and it was a pleasure to have them experience nature’s beautiful classroom.”