Budding Artists take the ‘Marshmallow Challenge’

Who ever said Art wasn’t fun; or that it didn’t include making cool things out of marshmallows?

Cedars’ Middle School Visual Arts Programs link in with other subject areas, giving a great opportunity to complement and extend learning.

Year 6 have been looking at Australian Identity, and were preparing with anticipation for last Term’s excursion to Canberra.  The students studied the artistry and design of Parliament House, including its unique stainless steel flagpole.

This gave the opportunity to attempt the renowned “Marshmallow Challenge”:  construct a tower with spaghetti and masking tape that is able to support a full marshmallow – not a half bitten one!  The seemingly ‘light’ marshmallow was heavier than expected and required  careful consideration – as did the infamous double-decker bus size Australian flag.

This fun (and tasty) task needed no encouragement – students were in ‘boots and all.’ The distraction of a marshmallow on each person’s desk begging to be eaten was quickly superseded by the challenge of building the tower!

Congratulations to Emma and Sam – their tower won at an amazing 43 cm!

Luckily a big packet of marshmallows had been purchased!

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