Budding Scientists

Science Week was a great opportunity to showcase the wonderful work students in 5 Blue have been engaged in.

Humans have always looked with wonder at the movement of celestial bodies in the sky. Scientists have used observations of the day and night sky to understand our place in Space.

During our study of the Primary Connections Unit, “Earth’s Place in Space,” students researched a variety of claims throughout history, as to our place in Space. Prior to the findings of Galileo Galilei, most scientists and church leaders believed in a geocentric model. This claim stated that the Earth was the centre of the universe. Inventions such as the telescope allowed people like Galileo to claim that the Sun was the centre of the universe. This became known as the heliocentric model. Students were amazed to find out that after announcing his belief in a Sun-centred model, Galileo was placed under house arrest for the remainder of his life.

5 Blue students worked in small cooperative groups to discuss their own beliefs about these claims. Groups also created a 3D model, known as an Orrery to display their ideas about the universe.

Mrs Rodwell


“We learnt that an Orrery is a 3D moving model. Creating our model was a great experience.” Joshua, Samuel and Jared.

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“Working in a team was challenging because we all had different ideas.”- Hunter, Ethan and Jai.

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“Making our Orrery was a fun and challenging experience. We persevered by working as a team. It may look easy but it was harder than you think.” Jackson, Liam, Stephen, Nixon.

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“Making the Orrery was challenging and fun because we used our creativity.”  Melisa, Lily, Karly

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“We had fun making this Orrery. Even though there were complications throughout the process, we got through it by finding solutions as a team.” Isaac, Marcus, Josh

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“It was fun working together to create an Orrery of the Solar System. It was challenging to overcome our mistakes and create a model that represented all of our ideas.” Alithia, Charlotte, Isabella

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“Making the Orrery was great because we worked with our friends and were able to show how smart we are by providing evidence for our claims.”  Kristiana, Sharon, Shana-Lee