Last night the Year 10 parents and students gathered for an Information Evening to prepare  the Year 10 student for their Work Experience in Term 3. A large number of Year 10 students and parents attended along with Mr Jordan and Mrs Meleka as Year Level Advisers and Mr Gear the Career Adviser.

Mr Ken Jordan commenced the night with a high class presentation/overview of “Choices for Year 10’s”. His presentation wove in aspects of faith in God to direct our future and our responsibility to make wise choices.

Following his presentation, Mr Gear spoke on the background to the Work Experience project. This included the Year 10 students’ participation in Career Assessments, career goal formation and the importance of gaining work experience to support this process.

He also presented Cedars’ new Work Experience Information booklet which was prepared especially for the evening and presented to all participants. The booklet has been developed to capture experiences learned through involvement in work experience programs held at the College. It explained processes helpful for students and parents to canvass employers, secure a placement, and the necessary protocols and documentation.

All attendees were very attentive and appreciated the presentations. Several students commented afterwards that they found it very helpful to know what employers were looking for, how to make the initial approaches, and how to complete documentation required. Parents likewise were appreciative of the evening.