Careers at Cedars

“A career is not just about earning an income.  It is about pursuing the essence of your life.”  Terry Mante

Cedars’ Careers Adviser, Andrew Gear, is passionate about helping our students find a career they will love.  He actively spends time with our Senior students, guiding, coaching, and encouraging them. 

2017 was an exciting year in the College’s Career Program and 2018 is set to be even better.  Our 2017 Year 10 class was the largest group of Year 10 students to complete the assessment and coaching experiences and undertake work experience placements.

Mr Gear was not sure how this would play out during the year, but he was thrilled to see the students take initiative and they definitely rose to the challenge. They reported positive and helpful experiences during the assessment and counselling phase.

Student Feedback

“helped me identify my strengths”

“I learnt how my personality qualities link with my career options”

“it really gave me a feel for what I need to do and who I am”

“I feel more confident”

“I enjoyed the counselling best as it was very specific to me”

“being able to ask questions and research options”

“the portfolio was very accurate”

“I already knew what I wanted to do, now I know how to achieve it”.

The graphs above show how students felt about the overall experiences and indicate the value they placed on information in their Learning and Career Paths Portfolio report. The following graph shows how students increased in career confidence during the program.

Work Placement

The next phase of the program involved students identifying and negotiating their work experience placements.  At the start of the year  Mr Gear and Mr Jordan gave presentations to parents and students about how to negotiate placements. The teachers were encouraged by the level of interest shown by students and parents alike. During Term 2, a total of 50 students successfully secured work placements. The diversity of placements is shown in the graph below. Mr Gear visited many of the students on placement, and he was overwhelmed by the positive feedback he heard from employers. In their evaluations, the employer feedback comments included:

“was a pleasure to have …… she was very eager to learn lots about this business”.

“……proved himself to be very competent on all jobs in our workforce, … he related with everyone in my workforce. Very nice young man.”

“……has been an absolute pleasure to have for the week. I have found her to be polite, punctual and well presented with a keen interest in the Legal profession”.

“He has been very enthusiastic in his approach to assisting our staff. He has completed all tasks asked of him and shown initiative in other times. It has been a pleasure to have ….. here this week.:

“……..was exceptional in her work experience placement at The Dance Affinity. She showed great initiative and fantastic interpersonal skills which are essential to dance teaching”.

“Has been a pleasure to have ……. with us this week – He is a fantastic young man, hard working, & keen to learn. I have no doubt that he will excel if he decides to pursue a career in the Film & TV industry”.

“……….showed a positive and very professional approach towards providing support in the classroom. During her short time in our classroom, she demonstrated great leadership when dealing with student matters and established a wonderful rapport with the students and teachers”.

Mr Gear was extremely proud of the Year 10 students and the manner they conducted their work experience. They were a credit to themselves, their families, and to our school community. Further information about the work experiences can be viewed in the report he prepared for the Cedars College Newsletter, accessed by clicking the following link:

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On return to school after their placements, the students participated in a debriefing session and indicated that they had positive experiences during their work experience. They identified improvement in their confidence toward their career choices, felt they gained necessary experience, and, had a better understanding of pathways required to achieve their goals. A summary of key responses is shown below:

During Term 3, several information sessions were presented to Year 12 students regarding UAC Application processes and the UOW Early Entry Application.

The College also launched Cedars’ Careers website. The website provides a range of information and student self-help activities. Students can access a Student Secure Area which contains supportive media and documentation to enable them to research career options, develop their resume and digital portfolios and undertake a range of career development activities. To access the site please click .

It was a  busy year for our Career Adviser. As well as teaching his Mathematics classes and the support role with Careers, he managed to successfully complete the Diploma of Vocational Development and Careers Education through RMIT University. “I have been thoroughly transformed by what I have been studying” he said. “It has changed my outlook.  It has helped to inform the Careers Program and provided a new stimulus to help students discover their goals.”

“It is a privilege to hear the hopes and aspirations of our students and to be able to support them as they identify strengths, set goals and prepare for their future careers.  I am looking forward to an exciting 2018 of Careers and helping our students find a career they will love!”