Cedars Fundraiser for Farmers Day

Last Friday 7 September all of Cedars Christian College staff and students dressed up as farmers and raised over $4000 for drought stricken NSW Farmers.

There were ‘farmer’ activities throughout the day including a flash mob dance of the ‘Nut Bush’.  Even Cedars youngest prep students dressed up like little farmers and farm animals for the day.

One of the good news stories from the day’s events:

Lucas, one of Cedars Prep students was on his way to school that morning and a lady approached him and his mum and asked him why he was dressed up. Lucas told her he was dressed up to raise money for the farmers at his school. The lady then took $5 out of her wallet and gave it to Lucas to donate to the farmers.

Initially a group of Year 8 students, Jared Vallario, Ethan O’Neill, David Semedo and Stephen Au, approached Cedars Chaplain Carol Ramsey with the idea to have the event and the fantastic idea was quickly approved.

Cedars Principal Steve Walton then encouraged the entire community of over 600 students to be involved.  “We are constantly encouraging our students to look outside themselves, to try to put themselves in the ‘shoes’ of those who are struggling or in need of help.  We love our community, we love our farmers and every little bit helps in their dire struggle,” said Steve.

Chaplain Carol Ramsey arranged for a skype link up to a school in the farming community of Moree and had Cedars students talk to students in this little farming community who are struggling and ask them how they can help even further.  “When I spoke with the Principal to set up the video between schools, she actually became quite emotional,” said Carol. “Our Year 4 and Year 7 students are also writing letters to their classes.”

“It is so important that our students develop a bigger world view, that they learn empathy and compassion for others around them who are needy.”

College Captains 

“We are thrilled to have raised over $4000 for our farmers.  Every dollar counts and it’s hard to put a price on the value for our students as they develop compassion and empathy for others.”