Cedars Science Week Celebrations 2015

Senior College Students Return to Junior School

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Year 9 and 10 Science students had the privilege to put some “colour” into Junior School as they conducted Science Week activities with both Kindergarten and Year 1 classes.

The Senior College students used light boxes to teach the concepts of colour combination and diffraction (making a rainbow with prisms).

“That was so fun” and,  “I wish they could stay and help us learn about more things,” were some of the encouraging words heard as the Senior College students departed, having thoroughly enjoyed imparting their scientific knowledge

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Open Lab

Many students took the opportunity to visit the open lab during lunch time to view the specially prepared displays. Physics, Biology and Chemistry exhibits were featured with many hands on activities which were thoroughly enjoyed by all the students.

Fantastic Fluids

Year 7 students were treated to a Fantastic Fluids Show which was put on by the staff from the Wollongong Science Centre and Planetarium. The show complemented the unit of work on Particles which was recently completed by students. The Year 7’s were exposed to the gooey, oozy side of Science and were able to explore the properties of slime, air, toothpaste, liquid nitrogen and other fluids. Students participated enthusiastically by answering many questions posed by the presenter. Some “brave souls” also volunteered to take part in some of the slimy demonstrations. This was a very entertaining show and a great learning experience was appreciated by all. A fun way to finish Science week celebrations.

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The Science of Light

The whole school has been invited to participate in a photo competition entitled “the Science of Light”. The best photos that illustrate the science of light or optical technologies will be rewarded with iTunes vouchers.