Cedars Scientists Excel at UOW Science Fair

The challenge of the UOW Science Fair 2018 was not taken on lightly and the stage was set for an intellectual battle against 1000 other students from across the state at the University of Wollongong on the 27th November.

The Cedars team of 17 Primary and Secondary students had toiled and laboured over all manner of measuring devices from data loggers to spectrophotometers for many months and planned experiments which were innovative and well controlled.

Students presented their exemplary work in poster format and were judged based on experimental design, accuracy and reliability in gathering data and their ability to verbally express that to an audience of engineers, teachers, scientists and UOW staff.

After being evaluated numerous times throughout the day our students were rewarded with 8 medallions (top 10%) and 2 major prizes. Congratulations to all the team for displaying a spirit of academic excellence and an outstanding attitude on the day.

Major prize categories:

Declan Evans (2nd Place) and Fiona Seymour (Winner Technology)

Highly Commended Medallions:

Taylor Steele, Jeremy Duncan, Zachary McIver, Stephen Au, Maysa Naushad, George Mugisha, Kyle Stappenbelt & Lily Guest