Cedars students and teachers make the International Shortlist

The International competition that received 3400 poetry entries from Australia and New Zealand, announced their shortlist last week. Year 7 student Asher McAven and Mr Ramm have placed in the top 30 entrants in their respective categories.

“It’s been great to see Cedars consistently achieve excellent results in this competition following Parris Duggan’s shortlisting last year. The competition draws entries from many prestigious schools and entrants from all ages,” said Mr Ramm.

There were three students from Illawarra schools that made the shortlist out of the hundreds that entered. Asher’s poem, “Calming Boulder” and Mr Ramm’s poem, “Canvass” can be read in the Red Room Poetry’s Object Library 2017 along with the other 50 poems that were submitted by our students from Years 7-10.

“Students’ involvement in the competition has been steadily growing and we are thrilled about expanding this into a ‘School Installation’ entry for next year’s Poetry Object,” reflected Mrs Bond.

The Red Room Company is leading the push to make poetry meaningful in everyday life and remains one of the preeminent poetry organisations in Australia. This year, one of Poetry Object Workshop Poets won the most prestigious poetry prize in the world, the Yale University Windham Campbell Literary Prize worth $215,000 USD.

“Poetry provides a meaningful way for students to develop their creative and literary skills. It’s exciting to be partnering with such exceptional educators as the Red Room Company,” said Mr Ramm.

Congratulations Asher and Mr Ramm. Asher’s poem can be read below:

Calming Boulder

by Asher McAven

As I sneak through the aperture

My eyes are cast to a boulder,

A ligneous, tranquil boulder

It is then I realise my future


The despotic,

Brumal, flamboyant

Strangely aberrant

Strangely toxic


Chalky hunk

Against their


And next to my bunk


The cast handles

Secured to the drawers

Just above the floors

And sandals.


Poetry competition Asher McAven sm