Cedars students take part in 2018 Australian History Competition

Year 10 Maroon sat the National History Competition which pitted them against over 11,000 student from around the country recently. The Competition is prepared by the History Teachers’ Association of Australia and run in conjunction with The Giant Classroom. Our students were tested on their ability to analyse sources and draw on their general knowledge of the Australian Curriculum.

This year they were tested on topics from Australian culture, the Industrial Revolution, the Boxer Rebellion, Australia’s involvement in WWII and the changing rights of Indigenous peoples. They applied their skills of interpretation to primary documents, political cartoons, maps, wartime photos, and diagrams in order to answer the questions.

Last year’s students had some outstanding success and we are excited to see how this cohort will meet their potential. In the HSIE department we are encouraging students to challenge themselves and work diligently to showcase their knowledge and the skills God has given them.

Year 10 History Teacher, Mr Peter Ramm said, “This class set themselves very high standards and it’s been wonderful to see them develop their academic abilities this semester. We’re glad to be able to offer them the chance to compete against others from around the country and extend their learning.”

Winners of the competition will be announced later this year and we wish them all the best.