Cell Modelling in Science is Delicious

Did you know that the 37 trillion cells in a human body can taste delicious?

Our Year 8 budding Scientists have been learning about the numerous functions of the human body’s trillions of cells by, well, eating them!

Some explanation is probably needed here so over to our Head of Science, Mr Seymour.

“The micro-world inside the cell is so small that is difficult to comprehend how each component of the cell (called organelles) functions. Cells need energy in the form of ATP, remove unwanted products as urea and reproduce using the DNA inside their nuclei.”

“So, our Year 8 students took on this challenge by supersizing the cell to the level of a dinner plate, using food items and craft material to cut, mould and form a realistic plant or animal cell model. With jelly beans as mitochondria, wool in place of the nuclear membrane and very delicious cake being the foundation for their creations there was one final thing to do – EAT !!!”