Coding with Ozobots (aka Ozzies)

How cool is it to be a Year 2 student at Cedars when you can learn coding using intuitive robots called Ozobots??

“The students are loving Fridays when they have the awesome opportunity to write code and program their beloved ‘Ozzies’ using colour-coded algorithms,” commented their teacher, Mr Smede.  “The eager students are learning about the coding process, specific algorithms and how these can be used to solve particular problems – plus they are giving our students a view of the future as so many jobs will require the knowledge and skills in coding.”

As you can see the students love it!

“I like coding, because it is fun and helpful for the future.” – Ariana

“I really like coding, because it’s fun, the challenges are awesome and you can express your creativity.” – Emily

“I like coding, because it is interesting.” – Aurora

“I love it!” – Dylan S

“I like making the Ozobot do whatever I want by using colours.” – Elijah

“I love that I learn new things every lesson.” – Siana

“I love that you get to be free and try to control the Ozobots.” – Ava

“I love that it does whatever you want.” –  Flynn

“I love that you get to explore different codes and outcomes.” – Chenxi

“I love all the surprises they come up.” – Oscar