Coffee Cart Ready for Action

News 2

Thanks to Mr George Mills, one of our amazing volunteers, our Hospitality students, including Year 12 student, Joshua Avramoski, are now able to make coffee in style almost anywhere in the school.

Mr Mills was given a very simple brief:  to make us a portable coffee station.  We asked for it to be made from repurposed materials to keep the costs down, and to benefit the environment. Mr Mills used the timber from an old TV unit which he pulled apart and redesigned. He created a canopy from material we had at school and used hanging pot plant holders for the decorative ends.

Mr Mills also had to solve some technical issues such as the height of the canopy, going through doorways, and moving the cart from one area to another safely. He made the canopy capable of being wound up and down for ease of transport, and created a detachable tow bar so the lawn mower can tow the cart wherever it is needed.

A huge thank you to Mr Mills; we are very blessed to have you as part of our school community – your creation will be enjoyed immensely by our school community.