Complaints about the aromas….

Mrs Vanderschoor our Food Technology Teacher and her Year 9 and 10 students have been receiving complaints about delicious food aromas that have been escaping from the Food Technology Kitchen causing many other students and teachers to come and investigate what the students have been creating.

They discover the students have been busy cooking up a storm every week!

“Our Stage 5 Group has recently completed a food product development task where they had to design and create a snack food suitable for a young child to eat whilst watching a children’s movie. Students chose the movie and then made the snack to suit. The food creations were varied, amazing and delicious. There were mini pizzas, character cupcakes, rice bubble designs and sundaes,” commented Mrs Vanderschoor.

“Our Year 11 Class has been working on the Food Quality Unit which includes looking at the functional properties of food. ‘Why do eggs behave differently in different recipes?’ ‘Why does soft, white bread turn brown and crispy in the toaster and taste different’…..Food Science has the answers. This group has been busy making souffle pancake stacks with berries and cream which they had to plate and photograph as well as other flavoursome dishes like cloudy eggs with muffins and creamy feta.”