Cybersafety seminars – confronting

Confronting, informative and challenging describe the cybersafety seminars held for students and parents yesterday. Susan McLean, a world renowned expert in the area of cybersafety spoke to Years 5 and 6 and then Years 7 to 11 during the day encouraging them to make them aware of the three R’s of cybersafety – Respect,  Reputation and Responsibility. Her presentation was engaging and humorous but also presented students with some of the dangers of social media, online bullying and gaming.

The evening presentation was well attended with over 100 parents braving the windy, cold and wet conditions to be better informed about how to keep their child safe in the cyberworld.

The evening was organised by the P&F as one of a number of information evenings held at the College for the benefit of parents. P&F President Sheridan Purcell felt “the evening was a great chance for us as parents, who often feel a bit overwhelmed, to get some tools for cybersafety”.   At the conclusion of the evening Mrs Julie Cochrane also described the initiatives being taken by the Cybersafety Committee at the College which will be explored in our next newsletter.