Darwin Missions Team – ready to Embark

For the past eight years Cedars has taken a small group of Year 10 and 11 students on a missions trip to Darwin to participate in SUPAServe under the leadership of Chaplain Carol Ramsey.  This Friday marks the end of an era when Carol and a group of students embark on Cedars final missions trip to Darwin.

SUPAServe was a pilot program when Cedars joined Scripture Union NSW in 2011.  The purpose of this program was to support Scripture Union NT who did not have enough leaders to run a sports based Bible program (called KidsGames)  for primary aged children in Darwin.

The idea was that, together, we would create a faith and leadership program for young people who would come to Darwin and run KidsGames, develop leadership skills, learn how to share their faith, and support the NT.

“Over the past eight years Cedars has helped shape what the SUPAServe Program now looks like. We have tried new things, and with great perseverance we have developed an incredible program which is now a holiday favourite activity in Darwin.  So much so that parents change holiday plans to make sure their primary aged children don’t miss KidsGames,” said Chaplain Carol Ramsey.

“As a side note, our KidsGames Program is the only event in Darwin in which many churches come together and work to support this program.”

“This year is our last year to run the KidsGames Program in Darwin. Although that can seem like a sad thing, it is actually very exciting.  Running a program for primary aged kids over eight years means that eventually those children have become teenagers who have joined the SUPAServe team themselves. Over the past two years we have also been able to develop a small NT team to run KidsGames alongside us. This year they have a team of 10 which is incredible. It looks like our work there is done.  We have developed a program and supported it until it was self sustaining.” 

“But wait there’s more….Our SUPAServe Program has been so successful that Cedars has gained a reputation among other Scripture Union state departments. This year two State Directors will be attending SUPAServe to observe and learn from us how to run our program in other states. There is now a plan for SUPAServe to run in three states in 2020.” 

Our College can be very proud of what we have achieved over the past eight years. We have helped develop a successful self sustaining ministry, we have trained and raised up leaders in Darwin and NSW who can share their faith, run a program and worked well in a team.  We have shared the good news of Jesus with over 300 children! 

Now that is a good news story.