Darwin Mission Trip

While Illawarra froze during the last week of Term 2, six Cedars students and I were basking in the sun, playing in the pool and enjoying 32 degree days in Darwin. Well, we did for the first day, and then it was onto the very serious and exhausting, yet rewarding, task of running a sports based Bible Program for primary students called KidsGames.

Cedars has now been in partnership with Scripture Union NSW and NT for the past four years to run KidsGames, a global initiative for children operating in over 150 countries. The multi-day, multi-team program is seeing great success by combining sports, games, the Bible, community partnership, creativity, leadership and fun. The 11 day missions trip is called SupaServe, a leadership opportunity for young people to share the gospel, grow as leaders and develop new skills and confidence to serve God and the community.

During SupaServe, young people from Cedars join a team from Darwin to run the KidsGames Program at a local school. Each day, our students plan and run a sports program, teach new sports skills, lead Bible discussion and small groups and, most importantly, build lasting relationships with the young people. Every afternoon we focused on our own leadership development, and at night it was time for some fun as we watched the sunset over the ocean, visited the pier for dinner and of course, did a bit of shopping at Mindel markets. The end of the week was met with a mixture of emotions.  It was hard to say goodbye to our new little friends from KidsGames, but we were also excited to go camping at Litchfield where we swam in some of Australia’s most beautiful watering holes and waterfalls. By night we sat by the fire eating amazing camp food including a roast.  It was a great time of learning more about ourselves, others and God.

Some of our students share their highlights:

“I loved SupaServe because it was a great opportunity to learn leadership skills, get to know God and the people in Darwin…also the kids are really cute! Jordan McCracken

“I enjoyed sharing the Gospel and was surprised by how much I learnt about God and the Bible. I also enjoyed being able to lead a group.”  Karlee Bexim

“I had so much fun with the kids and formed a stronger relationship with God. I learnt a lot about my role in a team and how to listen to other people’s ideas.” Jayden Brown

“I learnt that I can work in a team and that running a 1.5 hour workshop can be challenging!”  Samuel Atcheson (side note: I learnt that Sam is a great person to have camping because he gets up early and has the billy boiling by the time you get up…very important.)

“I loved working and playing with the kids and, of course, I also enjoyed swimming in the beautiful waterfalls.” Jennifer Ong

Samuel Ramsey also attended. Sam graduated from Cedars last year and also attended SupaServe for two years prior as a student. This year Sam attended as a co leader with the intention of being one of the key leaders for future SupaServes with Scripture Union.

“What I really enjoyed about SupaServe this year was seeing kids I have spent the last few years connecting with, make decisions for Jesus.  I was so blown away to see God show up while the kids were praying and accepting Jesus, He was so tangible we could feel Him.”  Sam Ramsey

Mrs Carol Ramsey