Discovering University and Careers

Last week our Year 12 students went to the University of Wollongong  (UOW) to be a “uni student for a day.”  Each year the UOW conducts a Discovery Day, where Year 12 students are invited to check out the university.

Our students attended lectures for the day just like they would if they were attending university. Each student had selected classes in keeping with their study pathway goals. They talked with current University students studying those subjects to find out what Uni is really like. They were also able to find information about career options after tertiary study. Many students found the day very enlightening and commented about how it impacted them:

Student Comments:

“It was great to experience a day at the UOW Discovery Day. I enjoyed the marketing and psychology courses and was very interested in studying abroad.” Grace

“I attended lectures from the faculty of business and laws. My lectures were a positive experience as they parallel with my interests.” Sarah

“The Discovery Day was worthwhile and an enjoyable experience with the lecturers and familiarising myself with the campus.” Maddie.

“It was a good interesting day and it gave me a lot of knowledge about university that I didn’t have before and it was good to get a small understanding as to how it works.” Brentyn

“Was very professional and insightful to the life at university. I enjoyed that they gave us freedom similar to the amount that is received in uni.”  Brandon

Careers Update

The Air Force Cadets presented an information session to our Year 8 and 9 students this week. Students were very attentive as the Cadet spoke of his experiences and of the pathways that involvement in Cadets could lead to. Skills such as teamwork and leadership, community service, survival in the outback, navigation as well as experiences meeting high ranking officials in the ADFA.

Year 10 students are currently preparing to undertake their career assessments next week.  Mr Gear has enrolled students into the Careers-Fast-Track program and students will be sent a link to their online career assessments.  After the assessment experience, Mr Gear will conduct interviews with each student to help them review their results, identify their personal career goals and how the results can inform their study habits and subject pathways.

Mr Gear will also conduct a Work Experience Information Session for all Year 10 students and Parents on Tuesday 26 February at 7pm in the CLC Performance Space. A notice will be sent home with details of the evening.