Discovering University

Each year the University of Wollongong conducts a Discovery Day, where Year 12 students are invited to check out “Uni for a day”.  Students visit the University, have their own timetable and attend lectures associated with subjects they would like to study after they graduate.  They are able to talk with University students currently studying those subjects and find out what Uni study is like.  They can also gain inside information about career pathway opportunities after higher education study.

UOW Discovery Day final 2 web


Many students found the day very enlightening and commented about how it impacted them.

 “It was a good day – fun. I found one of the courses I would like to do next year.  One of the lectures intertwined with the English assessment task I am currently doing and I found a composer I could study for my comparison between speeches. It really helped me a lot.” – Eleni

“It was interesting – a good experience to attend a lecture. They are open in their lectures and the lecturer talked and it was up to me to write the notes and keep up. The health lecturer pointed me in the right direction and showed me what I would be learning when I am at university. I enjoyed the environment, it was like a small city with a food court, IGA supermarket and shops. It helped me understand what uni life will be like.”  – Stefan

 “I found it very informative and interesting in different fields and applications of what we learn at school.  I also liked the way they explained how specialised equipment worked, eg we got to have a demo on an electron microscope.  The lectures were engaging, and there was a clear explanation about how the information we were learning could be applied.  I particularly liked the Mathematics and Engineering lectures and learning about career paths that graduates could follow. The environment of the University and culture were excellent, a great place to go.” –  Aubrey

“Discovery Day allowed me to discover career options that I had never thought of before. To attend lectures and understand how University runs opened my eyes and helped prepare me for the next stage of life. Hearing from experts in the fields I’m interested in helped me to understand what is involved and how I can best prepare myself to get into the degrees I want to. Meeting other students with the same passions that I have was also an encouraging experience. I would recommend for all people to experience it.” – Laura

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