Author Launches Book Week

Diving into the Deep End of Creative Writing

Year 7 to 9 were privileged to meet local writer, Dave Reardon this week in our Book Week launch. ‘The Deep Enders’ is an Australian adventure story about three unlikely characters during World War II who, “…even as war clouds gather on the horizon, … are suddenly catapulted into a deadly conspiracy that could shatter their world and destroy everyone they love.”

Dave spent a lesson with each year group, sharing his creative writing expertise and entertaining students with his quick wit and charisma. Below are some student comments about his visit:

“Dave Reardon was an astonishing speaker who I thought was a really good intellectual speaker. He taught us many techniques that will come in handy during our schooling life and after. I think it was a great experience that will not be forgotten shortly.” 

– Chris Talakovski, Year 8.

“I really enjoyed Dave’s visit, I learnt a lot about improving my writing, especially through easy everyday techniques, I have already put many of them into action! He also taught me that writing about something that matters to me not only makes writing easier but it also makes it a whole lot of fun. I really liked his YouTube channel and its creativity way of baking. Overall, his visit was really helpful and enjoyable!”

– Sophie Jordan, Year 8

“I learnt that when you are writing a story the story is king and if it’s boring to you it is boring to the reader. Also, when you create a character, make sure the character grows.”

– Jack Guest, Year 8

“I really enjoyed and learned a lot from Dave’s visit, about how to improve and be creative in my writing. Thank you, Dave, for giving up your time and I loved your YouTube channel show! It was very cool how you guys made those cakes and decorate them! Dave gave some very helpful tips and explained to us how to include things that both genders enjoy. I also liked the fact that in his book he included other people and gave them a chance to contribute what they wanted.” 

– Sarah Van Vreumingen, Year 8

“Dave Reardon had a very funny and influencing speech. He gave us many tips on how to become a better creative writer and he shared interesting stories to back it up. I really enjoyed Dave’s speech.”

– Darcy Bartlett, Year 8

Dave Reardon covered crime, politics and crocodile attacks as a journalist for major newspapers before heading online with his wife Ann Reardon from HowToCookThat (one of the world’s favourite cooking shows with 350 million views). He has ghostwritten numerous books but The Deep Enders is his first young adult novel.