Early Learning Centre Official Opening

It was a proud moment for us last night as we unveiled the plaque, cut the cake and celebrated the official opening of our new Early Learning Centre (ELC) with memorable addresses by @daniel_pampuch   @paulscullymp    @sharon.bird.mp     @paulebartlett and our very own @stevewalton.

Principal Steve Walton shared the vision of the ELC, stating why the beautiful building was designed with a curved front with windows looking out towards Junior School as well as Middle and Senior College and of course the beautiful Mount Kembla.  “I want our Prep students to dream big, to look out at their future, and to know there will be mountains in their lives that they can conquer.  I love what this facility represents and am excited by all the amazing things the staff have planned for our youngest students.”

We were delighted to have Daniel Pampuch, Chief Executive Officer, Christian Schools Australia speak about the importance of Christian Schooling with 26,500 Christian schools internationally educating 6.5 million children.

Paul Scully MP State Member for Wollongong gave our ELC a 5 star rating and stamp of approval as he spoke, looking out the windows onto the play area where dozens of children were interacting and playing.

Sharon Bird MP Federal Member for Cunningham, addressed the crowd stating she was a little biased about Cedars as she has family who come to the school and speak so highly about Cedars to her.  Sharon also pointed out how she sees Cedars as being ‘Forward Thinking’ in their education of children.

Paul Bartlett College President and Senior Leader of Lighthouse also highly praised Steve Walton, the Board and staff who were the drivers behind the vision of the ELC.

Together with Board Chair Michael Eyb, Steve Walton and Paul Bartlett unveiled the plaque and then cut the cake, celebrating with the many guests in attendance.

Afterwards there was a huge celebration as hundreds shared a feast, fun activities for the children and enjoyed a true sense of community.

Thank you to those who came and celebrated with us!