Expert seminars in Science

Year 11 Investigating Science have been inspired and challenged in our recent Expert Seminar Series. Earlier in the month Associate Professor Nickolas Jones (UOW) gave insight into the intricacies of atmospheric chemistry and the necessity and difficulties of global scientific collaboration.

Being one of the first scientists to travel to Antarctica and investigate the hole in the Ozone layer over three decades ago, he also encouraged students to be aware of the fragility of our environment.

The latest seminar was conducted by our very own Mr Ben Carden who is currently conducting ecological research for the School of Environmental Sciences (Charles Sturt University). He emphasized that quality scientific research begins with designing controlled and valid investigations and recognizing or eliminating hidden (confounding) variables.ย ย Mr Carden also discussed the most effective ways to graphically analyze data and statistically determine the significance of any changes observed using R2 coefficients.

The students felt honoured to hear from current academics and are looking forward to the next instalment in the Expert seminar series.