Food Trends

Year 9 and 10 Food Technology students have been completing an exciting unit this term called Food Trends. In this topic students learn about current trends in food like mindful eating, the increased popularity of using local produce and farmer’s markets, dietary trends like the paleo and keto diets, veganism and food sustainability.

Food Technology Teacher, Mrs Vanderschoor commented, “We have also spent time looking at food presentation, food photography, food styling and food plating. Our practical experiences have been diverse and have included – making bubble tea, pizza with cauliflower bases, focaccia bread art, flexitarian falafel kebabs and notella (not Nutella) crepe cakes.”

“For our assessment task this term the focus was on grazing platters. Students were required to design their own Foodie blog or website and then make a ‘Grazy Dayz’ grazing platter with a selection of foods.”

“I’m sure you’ll agree the results were amazing. I’m so proud of all these students – some students started this course at the beginning of the year with limited cooking experience and have demonstrated through all these tasks how much they have learnt and how much their confidence has grown.”