Fun Science in Kindergarten

Kindergarten students have had an exciting time learning about the properties of materials in Science this term.

“We have been testing materials to see if they are waterproof, or whether they allow light to shine through,”  Kindergarten Teacher, Mrs O’Neill commented. “Our goal is to learn about which materials would be suitable to make a party hat that could be used for a sunny day or for a rainy day.”

The students got to choose the type of weather they made their hats suitable for.  “Part of our testing involved looking at three different hats and students then made a prediction about which ones would be suitable for a rainy or sunny day. After students had made their predictions based on their knowledge of materials and observations of the designs, we went outside to test each hat,” continued Mrs O’Neill.

“We used balloon faces to wear the hats and looked at whether the sun shone on the face or whether the balloon heads stayed dry when we tipped water on them. It was great fun and excited students learnt a lot through the process.”

Students will be able to use this knowledge to design their own party hats!