Fun with Dry Ice in Year 5

“Our Year 5 students have been studying the states of matter and comparing physical changes. They have explored what dry ice could be made from, and why it is a solid that emits a gas. As they observed the dry ice in experiments, they noticed the cloud of gas falling from the ice.  Some thought it could be smoke as it burned the metal, others thought it could be rapid cooling of the air around the ice, or even liquid nitrogen in gas form. As they continued to observe the dry ice under different conditions they realised that the ice was shrinking as it released the gas. They learned that dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide!” said Mr Willett
  • “I liked the bubbles and gas coming out of the beakers!” Isaac H
  • “It’s carbonly cool! I loved the reaction that Dry Ice and liquid had and wish we could do it every day instead of spelling!” Jackson S
  • “I like how we learned that carbon dioxide sank to the ground as a gas rather than rising into the air.” Evan M
  • “I enjoyed the balloon filled with CO2 being popped with a puff of gas releasing into the air.” Jemima C
  • “I found it fascinating to learn that CO2 lowers the PH level of water AND this has big implications for our oceans and animals.” Lucy M
  • “I found it really cool how the dye could show the level of acid in water.” Amelia V
  • “It was cool how the Dry Ice reacted to different experiments.” Alyssa S
  • “I loved the bubble bath experiment and the acidity in the water due to CO2. Overall it was amazing!” Dominic J
  • “I liked how we got to pop the bubbles and they turned into gas and floated away!” Jay J
  • “I think the science experiment was an amazing experience and the laws of chemistry behind it were just as amazing!” Rainer S
  • “I think the science experiment was fun and interesting to see the Dry Ice change colour and create a steamy effect.” Angus W
  • “I thought it was interesting how the Dry Ice transformed the water into acid and continued to bubble away for ages.” Soraya A
  • “It was really fun seeing soapy water bubble up with Dry Ice.” Lexie G
  • “The bit I liked the most was when the Dry Ice went into the bubble bath and turned into an explosion of bubbles!” Olivia S
  • “I really enjoyed the whole experience and chemistry laws behind them” Ambrose N
  • “I loved yesterday’s science class, my favourite part was when the Dry Ice looked like a volcano erupting in the water!” Maliah N
  • “I enjoyed when Mr Willett and Miss Leigh put the dry ice into liquid and it changed colours.” Malakye M.
  • “To me science is fun.” Noah N