Gymnastics Fun

Our Gymnastics Program has started again and is a favourite activity for students in Kindergarten to Year 2.

Read what a few of our Kindergarten students had to say:

K Blue Students:

“It is fun!” – Theo
“I liked the bear walking”. – Luca, Isla and Alexia:
“I liked the bear walking too”. – Myra
“I liked to practise balancing”. – Beatrix, Ruby and Levi
“Pencil rolling was fun”. – Adhithi and Isaac
“We got to do bunny hops”. – Audrey and Indie
“We got to make our body like a motorbike”. – Ryan and Oliver

K White Students:

“I like running and jumping and doing a motorbike:” – Charlotte
“I like jumping on the red mat.” – Zephaniah
“I like doing bunny hops and someone slipped over!” – Indigo
“I like it because we can go on the bouncing thing.” – Myles
“I like it because you get strong.” – Harry
“I like bouncing.” – Chloe
“I like bouncing on my toes on the green mat.” – Boston
“I like balancing.” – Austin
“I liked putting the cones on my head!” – Laila

K Maroon Students:

“I like doing bear walks.” – Isabella & Davi
“I like doing the Bunny Hop.” – Aurora
“I like to jump on the blue bouncy board.” – Ethan
“I like gym because I run, jump high and do the Motorbike landing.”
Cameron, Zayd, Finn & Carl
“I love the fun activities especially the pencil jump on the mat.” – Audrey
“I love gym because I like wobble on the blue thing.” – Harrison
“I love doing the Bear Walks and Bunny Hops.” – Eva
“I like on jumping on the blue clipboard.” – Leila & Annabelle
“We go on the beam.” – Mia
“I like to do Bunny Hops.” – Harlow
“I like walking and bouncing on the mat and the spikes.” – Andre

Not only is it a popular sport/activity, gymnastics is one of the most extensive exercise programs available to children, incorporating strength, flexibility, speed, balance, coordination, power, and discipline.