Have you ever wondered?

Have you ever wondered about God’s perfect creation? The way the universe holds itself together? Or the way the Earth is balanced just right to sustain life? Perhaps the beauty of the plants and animals or even how people thrive and interact with each other through various cultures? God’s word, the Bible, tells us that the heavens, the earth and ALL creation proclaim His glory. The God who created all these things is an amazing and powerful God!

Our Year 5 classes regularly hold devotions to explore and admire God’s handiwork through His word. The students discuss and share relevant issues, as well as pray for each other and the community as they build a genuine, faith-based culture of love and respect towards each other.

“The groups have so many questions about different cultures and traditions, wanting to know what God has planned for us. They are great discussions!” said Ms Leigh.

“I am really encouraged by how these students genuinely care for one another and willingly pray for others and the broader community,” said Mr Willett.

Let’s continue to wonder and be in awe of God’s glorious creation!