Helping our students find the career they’ll love

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” – John F Kennedy

Our Year 12 students are currently having individual coaching interviews with our dedicated Career Advisor, Andrew Gear.  Prior to these one on one interviews, each student first completes a Career & Learning Pathway Validation Assessment online. Together Mr Gear and each student go through this personal assessment and try to discover the career that they will not only do well at, but will also have a passion for.

Throughout this in depth process students complete a range of assessment instruments to help them gain helpful information on their progress towards their career and study pathway goals.

Half of the current Year 12 students have been interviewed so far and the response of students to the process has been very encouraging. Students have spent time reflecting on their interests, personality preferences, subject experiences and personal values to determine how these influence their future career choices.

Careers Assessment

Recent research from the Foundation for Young Australians indicates that young people should prepare for “clusters” of similar or related careers rather than focus on one particular career. Preparing well could potentially prepare a candidate for over 13 different, but related, careers within the one cluster.

Picture of Careers

Predictions based on the research indicate the main clusters of employment include “Technologists, Designers, Coordinators, Informers, Carers, Artisans and Generators.” For example, ‘The Informers’ job cluster comprises jobs that involve tertiary-educated professionals providing information, education or business services. Job clusters, the report says, require similar skills that are portable across jobs, and young people are encouraged to “focus on developing a portfolio of technical and enterprising skills common to their chosen job cluster” (FYA, 2016). By preparing for careers in clusters with strong growth prospects, young people can maximise their potential for future career success.

List of Careers

The report encourages young people to reflect on which of the job clusters best match their interests and strengths. The approach recommended by the research is one that has already been developed in the College’s Career Development Program.  Mr Gear has been undertaking extensive post-graduate study over the past two years through the Swinburne and RMIT Universities in Melbourne. This has enabled our students to gain access to high quality, research-based career assessment instruments and to participate in career coaching experiences.

Evidence of the benefits of these strategies is growing with very positive feedback received from the Year 10 and Year 12 students. Participants reported feeling greater confidence in their study pathways, were able to articulate their career goals and were more aware of their post-secondary study options.

Career Program Survey Results[1]

One student, who recently received an award from their Vocational Education provider, stated that it was during her work experience week in Year 10 that she consolidated her career goal of nursing. This student will be commencing her tertiary study next year through the University of Wollongong. During coaching conversations many students have commented on the influence their work experience played in the development of their career goals.

During 2017, further Career Development activities are planned to support Year 11 students to identify and prepare for transition from their secondary study at Cedars. This will include researching future opportunities, developing greater awareness of personal branding, utilising emerging technologies to present information to employers, adopting current styles in resume documents and preparing for transition interviews. The aim is to assist students who are approaching transition points to do so with confidence knowing that they have undertaken thorough research and preparation.


Foundation for Young Australians

The New Work Mindset, 2016, Foundation for Young Australians, Melbourne VIC 3000