History Teacher Receives Scholarship to Study in Jerusalem

Year 8 History Teacher, Ms Tamminee Taylor recently received a full scholarship from Macquarie University to attend the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a dig site at the Old City of David in January/February this year.

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Ms Taylor was the only teacher selected to receive a full scholarship from Macquarie University’s Ancient History Department to not only study archaeology but to be a part of a Biblical Archeological dig in Khirbet el-Rai which is close to Tel Lachish a famous archeological site in the Shephelah region of Israel.

Her group discovered some vases about a metre high still containing grain 3000 years old.

“I have come back with a deeper knowledge of the archaeological process and how to set up an actual archaeology site,” said Ms Taylor.  “We are hoping to set up a small dig site down in the Middle School garden to the East of the school buildings eventually.” “I have also come back with a deeper hunger to know the Bible and realise that there are so many more wonderful things to discover.”

During her trip Ms Taylor was invited to film for several videos on archaeology which will be uploaded onto the Macquarie University Ancient History site.  These videos will also be used as part of a new methodology of teaching for all Stage 6 curriculum in NSW.

Not only was Ms Taylor selected for the scholarship and invited to film the teaching series, she has been asked to be a guest speaker at the Macquarie Ancient History & Studies of Religion Teachers Conference in May this year.

“It is a huge credit to her expertise in the area of Ancient History and recognition of her academic accomplishments,” said Director of HSIE Mr Peter Ramm. “Anyone who talks to Ms Taylor will walk away impressed with her depth of knowledge and passion with all things History.”

“Ms Taylor’s students have been hearing some wonderful stories from her trip and her many amazing encounters in the land at the heart of the Bible. Cedars is blessed to have her in HSIE and exceptionally proud of her. Watch this space!”