HSC English Extension 2 – Innovators of today and tomorrow!

Recently our fresh cohort of HSC Extension 2 English students travelled to the University of Sydney for an English Teachers Association student day, ‘Starting with confidence and clarity.’

The Extension 2 English course requires students to complete an original Major Work. They need to undertake independent research to prepare a sustained composition in either a print or sound medium, document their process and present a reflection with their Major Work.

This course is an invaluable opportunity for our students to adapt their prior learning into diverse, creative forms such as:

*  Scripts for short film, TV and drama

* Podcasts for storytelling, drama, speeches or performance poetry

* Creative non fiction

* Short fiction

* Critical response or

* Multimedia.

Madelyn Groeller, Hannah Cook and Kaitlyn Dolden participated in lectures and workshops to learn how to select a concept, compose an inquiry question and manage their project, from research to a final product.

Join us in wishing them all the best as they undertake this challenging and rewarding endeavor.