iAcademy off to a flying start

Year 8 iAcademy is off to a flying start.  iAcademy sets out a pathway for students to be creative and innovative in thinking and finding solutions to problems.  Students also have the opportunity to explore the area they are interested in and passionate about and look to solve an issue or problem that may exist in that chosen field.

iAcademy’s focus every fortnight this term is ‘Sustainability’.  All year groups from Year 7 to 10 have a focus area under the larger umbrella of sustainability.  From land management/farming practices to water usage, energy production and dealing with waste.  Students will be asked to research and address a range of big questions including taking better care of and a more responsible approach to stewarding this globe that God has created.

Year 8 has commenced the year looking at water sustainability. As an introductory investigation, they considered water catchments and how water moves through and is stored within these. They conducted some catchment modelling using plastic bags overlaid on everyday items to simulate landforms. By pouring water over these models, they were able to gain a visual representation of how water flows over land of varying topography.