Inspiring our Year 9 Students

Year 9 students recently attended ‘Altitude – Reaching New Heights’ Leadership Conference in Chatswood.   The keynote speaker was Ben Pettingill who is 98% blind (he lost his sight at age 16 ) and is the world record holder for completing a gladiator obstacle race untethered and for waterskiing and doing the Kakoda Track untethered. Now that’s inspiring!

Altitude Day is an annual one-day event created to empower Year 9 students during this important stage in their school journey. Through a blend of inspirational talks and energising group activities, students were encouraged to become active and inspiring leaders of their school and community.

Here are some comments from our students:

“I loved how Cindy Tan talked about fearlessness and how you have to start somewhere and focus on your core values.”

“Ben said that no matter what is stopping you there is always a way around your problems. For example bad friends and other peoples’ opinions.”

“Isaiah said if you can’t do the little things right you can’t do the big things. I should probably be a bit more encouraging to my siblings.”

“I liked Ben’s slogan – aspire, aware, take action. I feel like you can follow ‘limitless vision’ when you are moving forward to achieve your goals.”

“‘The biggest threat to success is self doubt.’ I think we all have self doubt. Whether we are extroverted or introverted, we all have some level of self doubt.”

“I liked how Cindy said you don’t have to have it all figured out, you just have to start.”

“Stepping out of your comfort zone can give you a lot of things in life like what you are good at as a leader. I think I could work on my speaking and that would be, for me, stepping out of my own comfort zone.”

“I liked how Isaiah said to believe in yourself and not listen to your haters.”

“I found that the slogan, ‘leadership is who you are and what you do’ – empowering. I think leadership is in everyone, we just need to embrace it and help others find their niche of leadership.”