Inspiring students to pursue a career they’ll love – Careers Expo 2018

On Wednesday  our Year 10 and Year 12 students visited the 37th annual Illawarra Schools Careers Expo.  The Expo was organised by the team from Workplace Learning Illawarra with approximately 120 exhibitors participating in the Expo to provide students across the region with up to date advice and information on career choices, further education options and training pathways, inspiring them to pursue a career they will love.

Students were able to ask questions relevant to their own personal career planning, talk with experienced people in an industry or profession, gain contacts for the future, enquire about areas of developing skill needs and conduct further research after the Expo concluded.

Early Tuesday morning before the event, Mr Gear along with five of our Year 10 students helped exhibitors to unpack their vehicles, transport display materials into the stadium and set up their display booths. Organising staff of the Expo were very grateful for  the efforts and attitude of our students commenting, “Could not have done it without you all. Thank you so much to Mr Gear and Cedars’ students! Awesome job!”  A special “thank you” to Darcy, Joshua, Joseph, Christopher and Jonathan for their willingness to help in that way.

On Wednesday all of our Year 10 and Year 12 students attended the Careers Expo. Prior to attending students participated in an information briefing and were given an Expo booklet showing who would be exhibiting and where they would be located. Students highlighted the booths they wanted to specifically visit and prepared questions to ask the exhibitors. Many exhibitors commented about the depth of maturity shown by the students and the detailed questions students had asked them. Several students provided their reflection on the Expo:

“The Careers Expo was a real eye opener for me. I was able to see my options and other opportunities that I didn’t realise I had a passion for. It was really beneficial allowing me to be able to set goals and expectations for my future.”  Bethiah, Yr 10.

“When I walked in I only had my eyes set on one Career. Now I have 6 different careers options I want to choose from! It was fun and interesting.” Daniel, Yr 10.

 “I found the Careers Expo extremely helpful, the staff there were ready to answer any questions that I had. I walked into the Expo excited to discover some opportunities. I had an understanding of what university meant but the Expo helped to match courses with my career goals.” Paige, Yr 10.

“Before the Illawarra Careers Expo I wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted to do after school. After talking to some helpful people I managed to narrow down my choices to a career in the Police force. The Expo really helped me get insight into the kinds of jobs out there.”   Alanah Yr, 12.

“Attending the Illawarra Careers Expo and conversing with professionals has given me a clearer path and mindset of what I need to achieve, how I can achieve it and the benefits of achieving such goals. It helped me to further my career choices and prepare for effectiveness in the workplace. The students and I are immensely thankful for the opportunity we had to attend the Expo.”  Brandon, Yr 12.

“The Careers Expo last week really exposed me to the range of opportunities that exist for me to embark on my career after the HSC. It was comforting to discover that there was an array of courses available that matched my interests and career path in the near future.” Harry, Yr 12.